Extreme anti-abortion law in the making for Ohio

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Some radical anti-abortion activists in Ohio have decided that Roe vs. Wade shouldn't really apply because...well, because they don't want it to. That's why. They support a bill which would severely restrict the abilities of a woman to use her legal right to an abortion.

This potential law would outlaw abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be detected, which is generally six to seven weeks into pregnancy. The bill grants no exceptions for rape, incest, or mental health of a woman.

Abortion-rights groups say such a law would effectively ban abortions entirely because most women don't know they are pregnant that early in their pregnancy.

"It's obviously an undue burden if you can't have an abortion even before you know you are pregnant," said Kellie Copeland, executive director of NARAL Ohio.

Now obviously this bill is pretty extreme. It's sole purpose is to outlaw abortions without actually outlawing abortions. Even Ohio Right to Life decided that the bill is a little extreme and could potentially backfire.

Ohio Right to Life leaders have said they are concerned that passage of the bill could backfire and lead to a U.S. Supreme Court decision reinforcing a woman’s right to an abortion.

The Ohio Supreme Court established a woman's right to an abortion in its landmark 1973 Roe vs. Wade ruling, which forbid states from banning abortions until a fetus is viable, generally about 24 weeks into pregnancy.

When a statewide Right to Live organization realizes that your transparent attempt to sidestep Roe vs. Wade will only invite a court battle which the anti-abortion activists will clearly lose...then you know the bill is pretty extreme.

But never let is be said that there aren't some who don't believe in "too extreme". These anti-abortion extremists have decided to form a rival organization with the express purpose of passing this law.

Backers of the “Heartbeat” bill - legislation which would ban abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected- on Wednesday announced that they have formed Ohio ProLife Action, a new statewide “pro-life” organization...

...“The first order of business is to help pass the most protective pro-life bill in the state - the Heartbeat bill,” Linda Theis, president of the new group and a former president of Ohio Right to Life, said in a press release.

Oh...and Ohio Right to Life went and changed their mind. Maybe the idea of there being two statewide anti-abortion groups was just too much for Ohio Right to Life to stomach. Nobody steals their thunder! Nobody!

“After months and countless hours of research by this national pro-life working group, the federal bill delivers the heartbeat message with great clarity and will withstand any judicial challenge, which means we can save lives right now,” Marshal Pitchford, chairman of Ohio Right to Life’s board of trustees, said in a press release.

While a day earlier they thought this could backfire, now they are positive it will withstand a legal challenge. Even though nothing changed in the bill.

Of course saving lives is important. That's why these groups are focused on pushing a bill that will never pass legal muster in a state whose unemployment rate averaged 16.1 percent through the first three months of the year. These groups aren't concerned with helping the unemployed keep shelter and heat through the winter. Making sure they have food. Things like that. Nah, screw them. They're just people! These anti-abortion activists only care about potential people. Once they're born...who cares?


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